We are herewith notifying you that the Council of Bureaux in Brussels (CoB) at the General Assembly held on 08.06.2023 delivered a Decision on Suspension of the Membership in the Green Card System of the Bureaux of Russia and Belarus. This Decision is becoming effective as of 30.06.2023.
Holders of already issued Macedonian Green cards are herewith notified thatafter 30.06.2023 they will not be valid only for the entry to Russia and Belarus.
Vehicles with Macedonian registration plates shall regulate the entry to Russia and Belarus according to the respective national legislations of these countries.
In case Macedonian vehicles enter the territory of Russia and Belarus after 30.06.2023 with an issued Green card and cause claim on the territory of these countries, the payment of the possible occurred claim can neither be made by the insurance company issuing the Green card, nor the National Insurance Bureau can be the guaranteeing party for payment of the claim as regulated by Internal Regulations of CoB.
Macedonian vehicles that entered Russia and Belarus before 30.06.2023 and remain on the territory of these countries after such date, are obliged to regulate the insurance pursuant to the national legislations considering the fact that the Green card will not be valid for these countries.

Entry of Russian and Belarusian vehicles on the territory of North Macedonia

Green cards issued by the Russian and Belarusian Bureau will not be valid at entry in the country after 30.06.2023.
Vehicles that are legally registered in Russia and Belarus will have to obtain a frontier insurance policy at entry on the territory of the R. of North Macedonia.

The Decision of the CoB is delivered due to adjustment of the Green Card System with the sanctions imposed against these two countries and the non functioning of the SWIFT system for payments and collection of claims in a procedure as regulated in the Internal Regulations of CoB.