National Insurance Bureau

The National Insurance Bureau was founded by an Agreement signed by the Insurance companies in the Republic of Macedonia, the Joint Stock Insurance and Reinsurance company “ Makedonija”( the present “Macedonia Insurance - Vienna Insurance Group”) and the Joint Stock Insurance company “ Vardar” (the present "TRIGLAV") in 1993 in Skopje.

The National Insurance Bureau was admitted in the Council of Bureaux, situated in London, in May 1994 , thus becoming a Full Member of the Council of Bureaux and attained the right to issue internationally admitted green cards. In that way, the National Insurance Bureau became an integral part of the unique European Green Card System.

According to the Compulsory Motor Insurance Law of the Republic of Macedonia, the National Insurance Bureau deals with the issues prescribed with the international agreements for insurance of the owners and users of the motor vehicles against motor third party liability in the traffic and in that way, represents the Insurance companies in the Republic of Macedonia in the international Insurance organizations and institutions.

Twelve Insurance companies which deal with motor third party liability insurance, are members of the National Insurance Bureau, and these are authorized by the Bureau to issue green cards .

Management bodies of the National Insurance Bureau are the Director, the Management Board and the Assembly of the Bureau.

Adresse: Mitropolit Gologanov no. 28/3, 1000 Skopje, Macedonia, P.O.Box

Tel: (+389 2) 3136 172 ; (+389 2) 3132 214; (+389 2) 3216 553

Fax: (+389 2) 3132 214 ext 113