Classification of motor vehicles and trailers in accordance with the Tariff
Owners of motor vehicles are persons in the traffic using the following means of transportation, motor vehicles and trailers:

1) Passenger car is a motor vehicle intended for carrying people that, in addition to the driver's seat, has a maximum of 8 seats and whose carrying capacity is up to 250 kg.

2) Loading vehicle is a motor vehicle intended for transport of objects with a load of over 250 kg.

3) Van is a motor vehicle intended for transport of people and objects and it is insured according to the purpose, ie according to the data in the traffic permit, whereby:
- loading van, belongs to the group of freight vehicles
- passenger van, belongs to the group of passenger vehicles

4) Taxi Vehicle is a passenger or freight vehicle that is registered for public transport and has TAXI marks.

5) Bus is a motor vehicle intended for the transport of people who, in addition to the driver's seat, has more than 8 seats.

6) Hotel bus is a bus used exclusively for hotel guests' transportation and their luggage from / to the railway or bus station, airport, ports or picnic areas.

7) Bus for work and other organizations is a bus that serves exclusively for transporting members of working, social and sports organizations. These include school and police buses and buses for the transportation of sick people, without beds.

8) Tractor is a motor vehicle, designed to pull, press or carry tools, ie to operate such tools or to tow trailers.

9) Motorcycle is a two wheel motor vehicle, with or without a side-car or a three wheeled motor vehicle if its weight does not exceed 400 kilograms.

10) Motor bike is a motor vehicle with two or three wheels, whose engine volume does not exceed 50 cm3 and which can not develop at a speed of more than 50 km / h on a flat road.

11) Trailer is a vehicle designed to be towed by a vehicle with a motor drive.

12) Towed vehicle without front axles is constructed so that with its front parts it is leaning against a towing vehicle. The semi-trailer with the saddle rack does not make a whole vehicle.

13) Special vehicles - motor vehicle or special-purpose trailers (special cargo or special persons, eg police, judiciary, firefighting units) which, according to the characteristics, falls into one of the categories of motor vehicles or coupled vehicles.

14) Working motor vehicle is a motor vehicle or trailer with the installation of special devices and equipment for carrying out work and whose maximum permissible mass is equal to the mass of the vehicle and, according to the characteristics, it belongs to one of the categories of motor or coupled vehicles

15) Motor vehicles with foreign registration are motor vehicles that are not registered in the Republic of Macedonia and bear foreign registration plates.